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Magento Ajax Cart Pro Makes Your Guest to End-up as Customer


Magento ajax cart pro permits clients to smoothly add and delete items from your store without needing to consistently click the “update” bind. With every expansion or erasure, just the shopping cart is invigorated. This quick communication permits users to keep shopping without sitting tight for pages to refresh. Best of all, it likewise takes a shot at the shopping cart and list of things to get page, empowering deletion and addition without page reloads. 


With the Magento checkout cart, when any local Magento item sort is added to cart from the product page, your purchasers are not redirected to the item page – they are offered to select thing’s alternatives precisely from the pop-up affirmation dialogue.

Features of Magento add to cart extension:

  • Easy to add Products without having to reload Cart page
  • Easy to remove Products without having to reload Cart page
  • Easy to update Products without having to reload Cart page
  • Manage Discount Coupon in Ajax Cart
  • Manage Shipping & Tax in Ajax Cart
  • Manage Cross Sell Products in Ajax Cart


Magento checkout cart had so many features but the real benefit of this extension is to attract customers. Because none of us wants to do a hectic shopping with slow speed. So in-order make your customer shopping experience delightful. Probably your guests will end up being your customer when there is great site speed and no page redirection. For Magento extensions are boon to ecommerce society , Magento Ajax shopping cart helps to run effective business. 

Top Substantial Magento Extensions for Better Ecommerce Store


Magento has been blessed with loads of features and its flexibility has made it as awesome ecommerce platform and unexpected number of downloads and majority number of community users. This might be be considered as the best witness of Magento ecommerce platform and hence it is considered as the king of ecommerce platform.

Multiple of Magento extensions have been created for daily management of ecommerce stores. So most of the Magento stores been integrated with Magento extensions like Magento Facebook login, Magento checkout cart, Magento reviews and ratings, Magento out of stock notification, Magento advanced reports and so on.


Magento Extensions help being developed of the online stages. Magento is an open source based ecommerce web requisition. Magento is most recent influential engineering which is concentrating on industry for Magento Ecommerce Development results you can acclimate it as per your necessities. Magento has incredible characteristics that give you finish control over your online Magento Ecommerce store. You can get the best and competitive Magento improvement and customization work from Magento Developer. Magento Development offers Magento Ecommerce based online archives ecommerce results, which can gives the complete control to the dealer online and produces no limitations on the business stream or the techniques included.

Magento out of stock notification:

Out of stock notice is a sign of stock to the clients when the item is from “out of stock” to “in stock”. Not many clients might look an exceptional item or a specific mark for quite a while. So they might be continue going to such a variety of e-stores. The point when the specific item they are looking for is not accessible in the store, promptly they might dispose of it. To lure such clients, Magento out of stock message clears another way for estore owners.

Magento Checkout cart:

There are a large number of shopping sites which pop-up right and left. Each shopping truck will be intended for the simple utilization of clients and guests. So the configuration and improvement process is fundamentally dependent upon closure clients which make their shoppings content with negligible time utilization. In the prior days, there was a choice which pestered clients also admins was site invigorate. Occasionally this invigorate alternative may accelerate moderate access, and maybe page slam. Anyhow this major and general issue might be overcome by a later magento growth named Magento Easy Ajax Cart.

Magento Advanced Reports:

There are various magento expansions which is created and composed for finish clients part. Anyhow not so in admin session. With a specific end goal to help the admin and make the organization simpler Magento transaction report will be accommodating. The characteristics of Magento reports module avail in loads and helps in easy admin. 

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Magento Reports Helps to Handle Your Estore in Ease Way


More of our customers have been communicating an investment Magento. Magento is robust, adaptable, rich in characteristics and client benevolent. It has features that in that past might have taken a cost prohibitive. Notwithstanding our customers have the capacity to utilize a free open source stage with insignificant customization to make a top notch internet shopping knowledge for their guests.

Advantages of Magento:

  • We can sell our products 24 x7 Hours

  • Magento is cent percent SEO Friendly

  • Spreadsheet Import might be effortlessly done

  • Reduced operation costs and cheaper

  • Magento Expertise

  • Active Community

  • Loads of Magento Modules

  • User Experience is excellent

  • Existing website

  • Broken eCommerce sites

Magento extensions :

There are such a large number of Magento extensions which makes the admin and end clients work simpler. There could be overwhelming admin throughout the time of Deals period. So to evade that Magento sales report development help the admin.

Features Of Magento Reports:

  • Displays total revenue count

  • Displays transactions count

  • Displays data in graph for revenue vs. duration

  • Filters and re-generate graphs

  • Graphs will be drawn based on duration such as day, week, month and custom

  • Filters sales data for custom dates

  • Option to filter data for different dates and days such as Today, Yesterday, Last Week, Last Month and Custom

  • Option to export report/data in CSV or Excel formats

  • Displays revenue for each day

  • Displays percentage of sales for each day


Upholding an estore is a hardest work as per the desires of clients. So it is practically great to combine your estore with Magento sales report growth with the goal that day by day data following about your estore will be simpler. 

Magento - A Boon for Ecommerce Society


Recently, all businesses are going digital and sell their products around the world via online. Great thanks to Magento platform that delivers excellent features for extending online store to improve productivity. Magento is an open source platform known for its stability and dependability.Earlier, people used to travel so long, to purchase their necessary things, but after arrival of many estores, they can select the desired products online and collect them at their doorsteps.

Magento brings in a change:

Magento provides complete ecommerce shopping cart development with different internet marketing modules which could be customized according to the requirements. Presently, Magento shopping cart is most wanted in ecommerce and is the favorite language of small-scale businesses all around the world. Even larger multinational businesses like Samsung started to adapt to Magento. Magento development provides certain stunning features as it is based on an open source. Magento language is very useful in various categories. As the affordability is good, Magento language is the greatest online store solution.

Magento is one of the platforms used around the globe for web development services in eCommerce solutions. With the help of Magento, you can create your ecommerce shop and can present your estore products all over the world. The process is so simple and does not need any expert to keep this extensive after development has been done. This platform has great flexibility for customers and end users as well admin. It helps in managing the navigation of products, costs and handling the collection. Magento is user-friendly and easy to comprehend, open source and SEO-friendly.

Benefits of Magento in ecommerce:

  • It has clear code framework

  • It supports multi-shop facility and purchasing option with page checkout

  • It has multiple features in cost effective manner

  • It has great usability with end users

  • It keeps the purchase reporting

  • It helps in setting up multistores and admin could control from admin panel

  • It has multi-languages support

  • It supports multi-currencies

  • Magento is vast growing community

  • It supports several plugins to get integrated in your website

  • It is user-friendly as the purchasing and payment methods are quite easy


Finally Magento has been used by 50-55% in shopping sites. It also has 20% growth in 2012 and 25% growth in present year. It has high security and best stability. Magento is a rich ecommerce platform which provides unprecedented flexibility and control for the ecommerce stores; so many Magento extensions and templates were developed nowadays as a result of this. There are Magento extensions for various purposes such as Email follow-up extension, Ajax Shopping cart extension, Help desk extension, Daily deal Magento extension, Featured products extension, Facebook link extension, Social Login extension, Magento Checkout cart, Hotel reservation extension, FB referral extension, FB discount extension, Search auto complete extension , One step checkout extension, Product sold count extension and so on. These Magento extensions are really boon to ecommerce society in betterment of their sales as well as security

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Impact Your Website Visitors with Joomla Social Plugin

 Joomla has endless features. Someone from somewhere can design the extension and it will work at any end. It means that anyone can use this program for their own websites and it is very easy. Actually there are many sites that have already been using many extensions. Even though the user are hesitating to create a login on the websites like e-store, number of users are hesitating or felt lazy to create a sign up, so simply they come out of the website. E-commerce owners are facing this issue for some time now.

To overcome this issue, a new Joomla Social Plugin has been launched. Today it is hard to find the people with no social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, LinkedIn or other social accounts. So assist them with social login extension to sign in to the website. Already Apptha made this extension for Magento sites. Now they have made it for Joomla also.


 This Social Plugin enables options for letting users log on through their existing social network IDs such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo and LinkedIn. In addition to that, the social login extension from Apptha has an option to sign up where customers can create a login through the default registration page. The customer can choose either default registration page or social network login.

Social login extension can attract more traffic to the website. People love to visit your website when you are allowing them to use social login and this will get more visitors and sales.

Features of Joomla Social Login Extension for Users

  • User can login with their existing Social media accounts.

  • Consumes less time.

  • User can login with either default login form or social login module.

  • Need not to remember passwords for individual sites.

Features of Joomla Social Login Extension for Admin

  • Easy to install.

  • Can customize front-end appearance of the module.

  • Easy to manage social login options.

  • Option to enable or disable social login option.

  • Extension can be installed or uninstalled; it won’t affect any other existing features.


Hope this information is useful. I am sure it could really impact many visitors and it is one the best options to see increase in sale. So, install Joomla social login extension today this in-turn could move your business conversion to the next level.

Jun 3

Magento Out of Stock: Gathers Customers Attention in a Pleasing Way

Magento Out of stock notification is an indication of stock to the users when the product is from “out of stock” to “in stock”. Few users would search a good product or a particular brand for a long time. So they would be keep on visiting so many e-stores. When the particular product they are seeking is not available in the store, immediately they would get rid of it. To attract such customers, Magento out of stock products pave a new way for them.


Status Message:

In every ecommerce store there will be some products missing at least at rare time. In such situations Magento out of stock products helps the owners not to lose their customers. The estore owner buys integrates this extension with his estore. The admin can set up status for every product whether it is available or not in the site. If the user searches for a particular product or a brand, the searched product will be visible with a status message whether it is “in stock” or “out of stock”.


Notifies Customers:

While the users or visitors moving from the estore when the product was not found, the users can subscribe for the notification. The visitors require no registration process but just to enter their e-mail addresses with subscription alerts. When the product availability changes from “out of stock” to “in stock”, user can receive a notification e-mail.


Response message after subscription:

After the users have subscribed it there will be an response message to users saying, “Thank you for showing interest upon the product. When the stock is updated, you will receive an email notifying the availability of the product” and also it depends on the admin who sets the response message. The store owners can personalize the email message by editing the default template.


Customers Attention:

The visitors even forget their visits. The estore which is integrated with Magento stock notification message can simply can get their customers back when the product is avail. Because the customer subscribe for an notification mail, they will get the notification automatically when the admin set the product is available. Thus its pleases the customers in a genuine way. The admin can enable/disable the stock alert notification. After sending them the notification mails the databases will be automatically deleted.


Key Features:

  • There is a request fro email in product detail page.

  • Notifies when the stock is available.

  • Customized message for notification response.

  • Admin can enable/disable out of stock notification.

  • Displays the customer list who requested for notification in grid view list.

  • Store/ remove the email id from the database.

  • Can personalize the default response message.

  • Admin interface is easy.

  • Installation takes few minutes.

  • Support all product types such as simple product, grouped product, configurable product, virtual product, downloadable product.

What Are the Features and Benefits of Ajax Cart Magento?

What Are the Features and Benefits of Ajax Cart Magento?


Ajax cart pro Magento extension helps the ecommerce store owners in so many aspects. Before moving into scenario, I have to mention a few words about refresh option. As we all know every system has its own merits and demerits. Likewise refreshing option helps in reloading a webpage or a slow running computer. Sometimes the page we are visiting might have new updates, if we don’t refresh it we could see only older updates. Although refresh option is good and useful it is little annoying when it happens in an ecommerce store.

Most of the old ecommerce sites have refresh option for all activities such as add to cart, remove from cart and update. Magento ajax shopping cart helping the customers to add and remove products with zero reloads is a noticeable feature of this extension. As there is no reload option admin can handle over entire module and visitors feel comfortable.


Most of the modules would take so many number pages to add a single product to the cart. Then it would get refresh or occasionally the pages would be crammed. This might make a customer to get rid of their shopping thought. Pages redirection is one more point to be considered in olden modules which makes the customers tired of their shopping. But Ajax shopping cart supports basic templates. In the front-end features, add to cart, remove from cart and updates can be easily done because of absence of reload option. Wishlist option is a plus because it saves the time of visitors to compare the products they have chosen and decide the product to purchase. These options are time saving for online consumers.

Ajax cart Magento is compatible with Magento 1.6 and 1.7. If a visitor want to add a product to cart , a pop up will appear where the visitor can add or update it. Then we can continue shopping else can proceed to checkout according to the options shown. People in leisure time used to visit some online sites where these features would encourage them to visit repeatedly and there are chances to make them as customers and make their shopping easy.


  • Time saving because of zero reload option

  • No page redirection

  • Add, remove, update options are easy without reload cart page

  • Multi-store support

  • Multi-langugae support

  • Easy-to-customize

  • Easy-to-manage shipping and tax, cross sell, discount coupon.

  • Support of all product types in wishlist

  • Admin access is easy

  • Speeds up the process of shopping

  • Easy installation

  • Appealing animation effect

The Ajax shopping cart extension has good features for both admin as well end users. It gives great customer experience and amends the user experience of your site. It can surely increase the customers visit frequently and sales.

Daily Deals Module Enhances Customer Visits

So many things been there to run e-commerce websites and satisfying their own customers. Satisfaction or gratification is what each and every customers expects whenever they purchase something online. And this too a most important factor to all ecommerce site owners to make them as well their products familiar among people. The success of any ecommerce business mainly depends on the way it treats its customers. There is a Socrates saying “The way to gain a good reputation, is to endeavor to be what you desire to appear” might suit here. 

How could you reach people?

Doubtlessly by promoting discounts periodically, you can attract as well keep your customers engaged with your business. Certainly we would meet decline in business sometimes. But to sustain a good name among public is very important. Deals is nothing but distributing things in an orderly manner. Most of the people don’t want to waste their time in traveling for purchasing a single product. So, many people used to subscribe for special deals.

Ecommerce store owner should promote deals often. This might help in gaining visitors. When opening a deal website it should be properly designed and developed. Because in many sites visitors couldn’t do the search for the items they wish; instead, so many banners would rise from left, right, top and bottom. On viewing those products by clicking the pop-ups would lead to so many pages. Finally multiple pages would’ve opened and the visitor would be tensed; as there are chances to forget what they searched for. So the design and development should be good.

Magento Deal Extension: 

Recently there is a new arrival of Magento extension for deals, Magento daily deals module. So owners promoting deals might check and choose their desired extension. Daily deal Magento extension helps to make deals over a month, over a week and even daily. It depends on the admin settings. So the admin can highlight the product in the top, down, left and right according to the settings. Mentioning the deal period, amount saved, discount details might help the viewers not to open so many pages. This might help them to view so many products so that they would increase their purchase range.

Lessens form filling:

Most of the customers might not like to fill up the pages and log in fields. As the customers issue been taken into account this module allows Facebook, Twitter log in  So it might help the users to make their shopping easy. Admin could display or make banners about the deal of the day and about reviews and ratings which might help visitors to understand the highly sold product.


As deal is the one of the major things in ecommerce industry, it reaches out the customers instantly. So making deals in a proper way builds a good reputation among users. Promoting deals for popularity of website will totally drag down the performance ofthe business. The admin should concentrate on providing crystal clear information to visitors and make their shopping experience ultimately happy.

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